Utility Solar

Propelled by modern industry, contemporary society is a digital one. With the escalating need for power, solar energy emerges as the solution to an inexhaustible, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective power source, at an unparalleled level.

Energy Pioneers In The Field: Large Scale Solar Production

At CMI Group Inc., our expertise spans across the entire spectrum of large-scale solar operations. encompassing both the development and construction for third parties as a contractor, and the financing, development and management of our own proprietary solar farms. Our operational reach extends across six key sectors: Government & Utilities, Solar Farms, Mining, Agrovoltaics, Remote & Off-grid, and Commercial & Industrial.

Development Capacity

At CMI Group Inc. we possess the expertise in the engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) of large scale solar (1-100MW). Our developments maintain the highest quality, adhering to the most stringent regulations.

Contract Curriculum

Our experts have been involved in the development and management of solar utility projects ranging from 500KW to mega farms with a capturing capacity of over 90MW. Ensuring the excellence of your energy expanse.

Operational Portfolio

CMI Group Inc. maintains an inventory with a solar generation capacity exceeding 5MW+. Our farms are financed, constructed, operated and maintained in house to ensure quality of service and demonstrates our unmatched service.

Shifting Energy Landscape

The adoption of solar power in utilities, government and large-scale industries is no longer just an innovative approach, but an essential shift towards sustainable development. The worldwide urgency to mitigate climate change, combined with the ever-growing demand for energy, has made it imperative for us to look for alternatives to conventional sources of power. Solar power, as a form of affordable clean energy, has emerging as the leading candidate with CMI Group Inc. at the forefront of the revolution.

On a large scale, utilities are increasingly incorporating solar power into their energy mix. This is mainly due to its decreasing cost and growing efficiency. Solar power plants are now able to generate electricity at a cost that is competitive with traditional fossil fuels, making it a viable option for utilities. Furthermore, the intermittent nature of solar power can be managed with advancements in energy storage technologies, which are also becoming more affordable.

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Environments & Economies

Government organizations around the globe are embracing solar power. By implementing policies that promote the use of solar energy and providing incentives for solar installations, governments are playing a critical role in accelerating the shift towards this renewable source of energy. Public buildings and facilities are being designed or retrofitted with solar panels to serve as models for sustainable development. In the industrial sector, companies are tapping the economic and environmental benefits of using solar power.

Not only does it help reduce their carbon footprint, but it also provides cost savings in the long run. Companies with large-scale operations are investing in their own solar farms, which provide a reliable source of energy and serve as a buffer against fluctuating energy prices. Lower energy costs, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, improved public health, and resilience against power outages – these are just some of the many benefits that come with harnessing the power of the sun. The use of solar power on a large scale represents a significant change towards sustainable development.

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