Our world is rapidly evolving, yet what remains is a constant is our need to store goods. Warehousing is a time tested industry, traditional in many ways, and also evolving with technology offering more efficient services than ever before.


With more than two decades under our belt, we at CMI Group Inc. have mastered the art of providing bespoke warehousing and distribution solutions for our clientele. Our knack for delivering budget-friendly, personalized systems by flawlessly merging warehousing, transportation, and delivery services is what sets us apart. Imagine a well-oiled machine; that's how our operations work—effortlessly, effectively, and without a hitch.


Delivering the perfect item, in the ideal amount, in pristine condition, to the precise location, exactly when needed, to the correct recipient, at a fair price!


We envision unifying individuals, enterprises, and societies via eco-friendly and equitable logistical strategies, becoming a valuable ally for our clients.


Guiding your products in swiftly, effectively, and securely and a fair cost with every interaction guided by our core principles of honesty and integrity.

CMI Group Warehousing

At CMI Group, we’re not just in the warehousing business; we’re in the business of trust, built over 20 years of dedicated service. With our roots firmly planted in North American soil, we’ve spent the last quarter- century fine-tuning our craft and ensuring the gears of commerce turn smoothly.

As a warehousing veteran, we’ve learned the art of adaptation, persisting through industry trends and market fluctuations. We’ve seen the ebb and flow of commerce and stand resilient, empowered by decades of experience. Our age is our badge of honour, a testament to our deep understanding of the intricacies of warehousing.

Our operations run like clockwork, smooth, efficient and without fail. As we move from strength to strength in our industry, we’re now happy to introduce ourselves as one of the leading logistics solutions companies. Over 20 Years of experience in offering our clients custom warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to their needs.


Cost-Effective and Custom Solutions:
E-Commerce fulfillment
Container Destuffing
Inventory Management
Inventory Storage
Inbound Processing
Outbound Fulfilment
Order Management
Reverse Logistics

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