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Innovating Sustainable Solutions

CMI Group Inc. delivers the highest quality industry solutions and management through positive relationships with both our clients and their consumers.

The Latest Technology in Solar Capture And Energy Storage

Solar energy demands are growing at an unprecedented rate and CMI Solar was created to address those needs. Partnered with the leading manufacturer in the world, our distribution across North America is second to none. Our solar installations can now be seen across Canada and the USA along with energy storage systems. With the latest battery technology available, we boast some of the most efficient and capable energy storage available for residential and commercial applications, worldwide.

Full solution transportation & supply chain logistics

Trusted transportation experts to get your business moving quickly and affordably. Our core focus is always on quality of service. Supply chains are only as effective as the people operating them and the technology that informs them. With a vast range of transportation options and a friendly staff with years of experience in the industry, we are equipped to handle your needs.

Gain unparalleled knowledge of the industry world - stay informed in our ever-changing world.

Having the latest information is essential for businesses to remain competitive in this ever-evolving age. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we are a leading group of companies providing solutions and insights to help businesses learn and grow.

Unparalleled Access in Medical Supplies Capability

Canadian Medical Inc. is a leading medical supply company who specialize in medical distribution. We have an unrivalled ability to supply governments, hospitals, healthcare institutions, and organizations, with cost-effective medical supplies, rapidly and in scale. CMI has unrestricted access to meet its client’s manufacturing needs across the entire health care spectrum of products.

Custom warehousing and reliable distribution solutions

At Accu-Serve Solutions, we have over 20 Years of experience in offering our clients custom warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to their needs. We provide cost-effective and custom solutions by seamlessly integrating warehousing, transportation and delivery services. Through innovative solutions and a team exudes excellence as the preferred logistics company in Canada, we create a sustainable future for our clients.

Transportation Expertise In The Energy Sector

CMI Group Inc. is a distinguished leader in the transportation energy industry and a dependable partner in devising policy strategies that balance economic and environmental objectives. Through collaboration with associates and stakeholders, we have gained a reputation as the foremost source for sector expertise and technical competence. Ranking among the top authorities in the field of transportation energy that harmonize the economic and ecological performance goals.

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CMI Group Inc. | Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding CMI Group Inc.. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have using our contact form.

  • 1. What areas or regions does CMI Group Inc. operate?

    We are proud to service all of Canada and the USA with hubs based in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City and Los Angeles. With our unique group of companies working hand in hand, we are able to offer services to meet your every need.

  • 2. Do you offer solar panel installation?

    Through our company CMI Solar, we offer a full solution service for both residential and commercial installations. Our solar installation includes the latest technology in solar panels, solar inverters as well as state of the art battery systems. Solar energy storage batteries combined with the solar panels to offer you energy savings along with clean, renewable energy and unmatched warranties.

  • 3. Can you offer transport services for my company?

    With our high quality supply chain, Interconnected Inc. provides freight management from all modes of transport to anywhere in the world. Our services include transportation, logistics and customs brokerage with our highly experienced and dependable team who put your mind at ease.

  • 4. Can you also offer warehousing services for my company?

    Absolutely! With a network of warehouses across Canada and the USA, we have the most safe and secure storage your company and products will need. Accu-Serve Solutions Inc. has been operating for over 21 years in the industry and is known as a leading company in custom warehousing and distribution.

  • 5. Do you manufacture medical equipment and supplies?

    Canadian Medical Inc. is an official distribution partner for the biggest and most trusted names in the medical field industry. Partnered with government bodies, hospital networks and private corporations, CMI is able to offer cost-effective and top quality equipment and supplies for your medical needs.