About CMI Group Inc.

Renewable Energy, Logistics & Transportation, Warehousing & Storage and Medical Supplies

Committed to Excellence

Our group of companies encapsulates the very best in each industry, drawing on the quality and expertise of our staff to provide the highest level of service for our clients. From logistics to energy supply, CMI Group Inc. exudes excellence.

About CMI Group Inc.

At CMI Group we offer the best in practice across a range of expertises to provide fast, effective and high quality solutions to business needs and operations. Through an innovative approach to business, cutting edge research and industry expertise, CMI Group offers renewable energy solutions, freight management services, custom warehousing and distribution needs and medical supplies and equipment.

The CMI Group Inc. companies provides you with the tools for success, ensuring your company can focus on its core operations.

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Our Future

As we move forward, we’re excited to continue our development, most specifically in the energy sector as we delve further into the renewable streams. As the proud North American partner for the largest solar manufacturer in the world, we will continue to offer affordable, sustainable and attainable green energy for the public.

Our logistics, transportation and warehousing sectors are rapidly expanding to meet the demand with supply in Canada and the USA.

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CMI Group Inc. | Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently asked questions about the CMI Group - Please contact us with any additional questions you may have using our contact form.

  • 1. What Areas Or Regions Does CMI Group Inc. Operate?

    We are proud to service all of Canada and the USA with hubs based in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York City and Los Angeles. With our unique group of companies working hand in hand, we are able to offer services to meet your every need.

  • 2. Do You Offer Solar Panel Installation?

    Through our company CMI Solar, we offer a full solution service for both residential and commercial installations. Our solar installation includes the latest technology in solar panels, solar inverters as well as state of the art battery systems. Solar energy storage batteries couple with the solar panels to offer you energy savings along with clean, renewable energy and unmatched warranties.

  • 3. Can You Offer Transport Services For My Company?

    With our high quality supply chain, Interconnected Inc. provides freight management from all modes of transport to anywhere in the world. Our services include transportation, logistics and customs brokerage with our highly experienced and dependable team who put your mind at ease.

  • 4. Can You Also Offer Warehousing Services For My Company?

    Absolutely! With a network of warehouses across Canada and the USA, we have the most safe and secure storage your company and products will need. Accu-Serve Solutions Inc. has over 21 years in the industry and is known as a leading company in custom warehousing and distribution.

  • 5. Do You Manufacture Medical Equipment And Supplies?

    Canadian Medical Inc. is an official distribution partner for the biggest and most trusted names in the medical field industry. Partnered with government bodies, hospital networks and private corporations, CMI is able to offer cost-effective and top quality equipment and supplies for your medical needs.